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Jane Prestedge: "My background was in Swedish and remedial therapy, the
training that I had before was fairly sterile. Emma's course was more
encompassing because it really integrates the spiritual side of massage.
Emma also drummed into us the importance of posture and was continually
correcting our stance, which was incredibly important and again something
which I could bring to my Swedish practise."

Kath Seward: "Learning Chavutti opened loads of doors to me and was one of
the most satisfying and rewarding experiences that I have had. It inspired
me to be more mindful of my health, to develop my spiritual side, helped my
yoga practise and generally made me calmer and more balanced. Plus the fact
it gave me a much needed career change and the opportunity to travel. Emma
is a fantastic teacher and the quality of the tuition and the attention you
receive is far superior to any course that I have done since. Chavutti is an
amazing treatment to give and receive and I can't imagine ever getting bored
of either."

Jo Osborne: "Chavutti was the icing on the cake for me, as it pulls together
energetic work and massage into a really dynamic treatment. I particularly
like the way that the alignment of the practitioner is supporting the
treatment - the practitioner is very engaged and uses their body in a very
interactive way, unlike Swedish massage where you are at the wrong angle to
work on a deep healing level."