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In order to reflect the Eastern/Oriental concept of study through apprenticeship, there is set a maximum of six people per course. This encourages a level of intimacy within the group and with the teacher. Acceptance for the training is considered on an individual basis. Applicants need to have a treatment with Emma and write a personal statement with a brief life history and reasons for wanting to do the course. This is to be forwarded to the Soma Institute with a completed application form. Overall the course will suit those of you that have a good understanding of the movement of energy in the body, either through your work and/or life experience.

Completion of all parts of the course is required to receive the diploma. In addition, you are asked to write three case studies of 3,000 words each. Each study is based on 10 one and a quarter hour treatments with three separate clients. These are to be completed no less than one month and no more than six months after the end of the training. These will coincide with a written and practical exam scheduled individually with each student.

The Soma Institute will be able to refer those students which have no background in anatomy and physiology to specialised and accredited courses.

For your information each student will receive three complete Chavutti Thirumal treatments from Emma over the course of the training. This is in addition to the work you will do with each other and is to deepen your understanding of this unique treatment.


The aim of the course is not just to give you a series of techniques, rather a therapeutic tool which is skilfull and powerful precisely because it embodies the inner as well as the outer life of the body. The motivation is to ensure that each student begins to develop and integrate these inner/outer skills which are applied to all movement and exercise. In this way, the practice of Chavutti Thirumal becomes an extension of the therapists personal practice and development with psycholgical and physical benefits. By maintaining a centre of gravity the body is more self-supporting and the therapist is able to use the smaller muscle groups expelling less effort and avoiding burn out. The insights gained in your exercise and Chavutti practice feed and support each other. This keeps the work challenging and inspiring.


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